Top 12 lessons from Drawing challenges

  1. Everyone can draw and write, it’s a matter of practice.
  2. When you start writing or drawing or creating anything, do not compare yourself to people who have been doing it for years.
  3. When you post regularly you give your audience something to look forward to on their social media. You art makes someone else’s day.
  4. What you see as flaw in your art, is something that goes unnoticed by the people who support you. It doesn’t mean noticing your flaw is wrong, it means you can use the positive feedback to keep working on your art and better it.
  5. You are tuned to your moods, and come to realize exactly what your weakness is. For example: I understood that my weakness is talking myself down, and not understanding time.
  6. You do not have to stick to one drawing challenge, like I have, every year. It is always good to mix it up so you can learn to create different things.
  7. Drawing challenges are great to fill your sketchbook
  8. You learn something new every prompt. There is some basic research you will be doing.
  9. For comics, its important to just have an outline of the story and allow your story to flow spontaneously on your page. You create better stories when they roll out on your sheet.
  10. Drawing challenges gets you noticed by potential job offers.
  11. It helps keep a routine, and track down your day. It helps fight lethargy and also notice that it was helpful during very tough times for me personally.

There might be more points that I haven’t realised or written about. More on this later.



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